Executive Coaching

 Executive Coaching

Many people say work smarter not harder, but ask yourself "How do you work smarter?". It's easy to get executive coaching from Resolution Direct, which means you can start working smarter today. Contact us today.

Performance Improvement

If you would like to improve your performance in a sport or maybe in another area of your life contact us to see how Resolution Direct can help you.

Stop Watch


There can be many reasons for which a you may seek help, from stress management, insomnia, pain management, phobias, to conflict resolution. Email us and see how Resolution Direct can help you.

Stop Smoking

If you smoke and you wish to stop, you don't want to waste time and money on products or methods when you could stop with in one session with Resolution Direct. Contact us now so we can help.



Phobia Removal

Phobias can be life altering. Sometimes they interfere with activities we would like to enjoy. If you have a phobia that you are ready to be free from, contact us to see how we can help.